Care & Cleaning

How to Clean GORE-TEX® Product Technology: Use lukewarm rather than cold water along with your mild detergent option, with enough held in a large bowl or basin to submerge your shoes or boots if you want to clean the inners as well as the outers. After cleaning, lie both shoes upside down with tongue out over an absorbent cloth to air dry. Once fully dry, test the waterproofing and reapply DWR if water does not bead up and run off of each shoe’s outer.
How to Clean Canvas and Natural Fabric: Most running shoes are made with synthetic fabrics to avoid the danger of shrinking, but if areas of your shoes have natural fabric, you can scrub them clean with a soft bristle brush. Dip it into warm water and baking soda mixture (1:1 is fine, it won’t take much).
In all cases, remember that the wadding you use to help dry your shoes has more than one purpose - not only does it dry the fabric and soak up odor, but it also helps your shoes maintain their shape as they dry.
HOKA Shoe Care and Weatherproofing
Preventative care options such as weatherproofing can extend the life of your HOKA footwear.
Waterproofing Spray Solutions: Once your shoes are fully dry, spray them with a trusted waterproofing solution. You’ll need to let the spray itself dry before your shoes can be regarded as weatherproofed, but once you do, water and mud should be a lot easier to clean. Repeat as necessary. If you live in an area such as the Pacific Northwest where it rains often, you might want to rotate two pairs into a run-clean-spray cycle.
Odor Prevention: Rainwater and mud puddles will accelerate the mold, mildew, and stink caused by bacteria. Your own foot sweat can also cause odor. Try an occasional light dusting of baking soda even on dry shoes.
Storage Considerations: Flinging your running shoe into a pile by the door can put premature wear on them. Simply placing your shoes sole-down after each run can add to their lifespan by reducing the stress placed on the join points between differing shoe materials and features. It can also help to loosen your laces and pull out the tongue overnight to avoid having separate sections touch. Bad things happen when shoe materials dry more slowly due to the fact that they’re touching.
Don’t Start Wet: While not at all necessary, rotating multiple pairs of running shoes with proper care can help prolong the use you get out of each. If at all possible, avoid running in shoes that are still wet from the last use.